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Billy Zane

Billy Zane

I've seen him several times...the first time at Bar Marmont. He was with Billy Corgan and one of Marilyn Manson's band members (Twiggy?). Then again at Louis XIV (closed now) having dinner with another boy.

UPDATE: Saw Billy again last night (8/17) at Bird's on Franklin. First time I've seen him in 4 years. He looked fab. Was with a girl, having a meal. He's got incredibly long curly eyelashes, and bats his eyes quite a bit when he's talking. Always looks like he is flirting...

UPDATE: Saw him again last night (1/12) at Urth Cafe. Sitting at one of the inside tables with a hottie girl. He was wearing a newsboy cap, a skinny mustache, and cool shoes. He's quite the snappy dresser...looks like he's buffed up a bit/put on weight.