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Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez

Saw him standing in line at the Malibu Starbucks...also in the store were Gillian Anderson, Pierce Brosnan, and Cindy Crawford (w/family). Crazy place, L.A.

What was most surreal for me at that moment was standing in line with a guy from a movie that strongly influenced my teenage years, the super-model I always wanted to be, and two other stars who I recognized immediately. I've also really enjoyed every Randy Gerber (Cindy's husband) bar and nightclub I've been to. Positively surrounded by stars.

The irony of it is, I'm not even that good at spotting stars! Most of the time my friends have to point them out to me--and then explain who they are. I've probably run across many, many more than are listed here, but just didn't recognize them.