Stars I've Spotted (and some dish on the side...)

  • Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
    Here's a handful of the stars I've spotted while living in Los Angeles. I've tried to include some description of the circumstances, and my impressions of the celeb at the time. Enjoy!
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April 08, 2006


former friends extra

I extraed a few times on "friends" and can attest that Jen is super pretty and equally nice in person. A camerman kept peanut m&m's on hand for her and the cast and told me they were jen's favorite. After seeing how perfect her and courtney's bodies were, though, I began to think that they had had small breast implants as they were both so thin -- and yet they had really nice, full boobs. I think this picture proves me right!


does anyone know what magazine this picture comes from?


nevermind . . . i see it there on the bottom now . . . annie leibovitz, i should have known! :)

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