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  • Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
    Here's a handful of the stars I've spotted while living in Los Angeles. I've tried to include some description of the circumstances, and my impressions of the celeb at the time. Enjoy!
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June 16, 2006


Richard Brooks

I spent time at a Dude ranch in northern california years ago with Cary Grant and have a very nice candid I took of him at the side of a stream where he had just been doused with water. Jeniffer was with him that day and I would like to e mail her the photo. I think she might like it of her dad. Would it be possible to get an e mail address for her or her agent. I want no $ for doing this it is just a very nice candid of Cary and I think she would like to have it.


Try this website:

I'll do more research and see what I can find for you. It is usually pretty easy to find an actor's agent info online...

Very nice of you to offer the photo. I'm sure Jennifer would be pleased.

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